Kosovo is ready to fight violent radicalism

Kosovo is ready to fight violent radicalism

Pristina, 6 April 2016/Independent Balkan News Agency

By Elton Tota

Mutual cooperation between different institutions and the citizens can prevent radicalism and violent extremism in Kosovo.

This was said today in a meeting organized by the Action Team for Community Safety in cooperation with the ministry of Interior and Commune of Pristina dubbed “Building Bridges”.

Executive chief of “STAC Solutions”, retired general major of the US Navy, Doug Stone said that there exist global experiences in handling cases of radicalism and violent extremism, a phenomenon which has been constantly fought and continues to be fought.

“We have come here to share experiences and information that we have seen in the world in relation to the prevention of radicalism and violent extremism and I strongly believe that these methods will be effective in Kosovo”, Stone said.

The head of the Community Policing, Fahredin Verbovci said that there must exist a common will to fight violent extremism.

“Regardless of how capable Kosovo Police are in fighting this phenomenon, it is impossible to succeed on its own. Therefore we need cooperation, because it is in the best interest of everyone to live in a safe environment”, Verbovci said.

Meanwhile, head of intelligence at the Directorate against Terrorism at the Ministry of Interior, Blerim Rama said that people who are suspected of propagating radical ideas are being investigated.

“So far, 16 people have been investigated for radicalism and violent extremism and seven out of them are suspected to have been killed in Syria”, Rama said.

He added that many people who have attempted to join extremist groups have been stopped by police and are being handled. /ibna/