Kosovo producers face great challenges

Kosovo producers face great challenges

Pristina, 25 May 2015/Independent Balkan News Agency

By Elton Tota

High electricity prices, high interest rates, customs taxes, fiscal policies are some of the challenges that national producers in Kosovo face.

These concerns were articulated today during a roundtable hosted by the American Chamber of Commerce, held in Pristina.

Arian Zeka, head of the American Chamber of Commerce, said that a lot has been said about tax relieves, but so far, national producers have not seen anything concrete.

It’s been years that the government of Kosovo approves strategies for tax reliefs and a better environment for doing business, but unfortunately, these documents have only remained on paper and domestic producers have not benefited as much as it has been talked about.

Kujtim Gjevori of “Scampa company, talked about the challenges that he faced when he first started his business.

He said that administrative guidelines issued by the state without consulting producers, have damaged them.

Meanwhile, Lulzim Mustafa, producer of “Fluid” beverages, talks about some of the obstacles that he faces as a producer and exporter.

“Obstacles during export, customs taxes with other countries, commercial relations with neighboring countries, the finding of foreign partners, production expenses, transport, etc. All of these are factors that are preventing the producer to export abroad. The large imports from other countries of the region prevents us from selling our products in the country”, says Mustafa. /ibna/