Kosovo: Polling stations close, the first exit polls come out

Kosovo: Polling stations close, the first exit polls come out

Kosovo held local government elections this Sunday. Polling stations in 38 communes of Kosovo closed at 7 pm.

While the State Election Commission and OSCE do not report any major irregularities, “Democracy in Action” NGO has reported several irregularities during the election process.

Some of the irregularities that have been identified were: attempts to votes several times in 86 cases, family voting in more than 3 thousand cases, while 551 voters could not find their names in the voters’ lists.

Jan Braathu, the head of OSCE in Kosovo declared that the elections have been held without any major problems.

“For the time being, everything seems in order and without any major problems. We have only registered several small problems, but nothing significant”, he said.

The same thing was also confirmed by representatives of the Central Election Commission.

In contrast to other years, turnout in these elections was lower.

Meanwhile, based on the first exit polls that IBNA news agency has secured, political parties will head to a runoff in the largest communes of the country.

According to the exit poll conducted by “Gani Bobi” institute, the following communes will be decided during the runoff.

Pristina: Between Self Determination and LDK

Ferizaj: Between LDK and PDK

Djakovica: Between Alternative and AAK

Mitrovica: Between PDK and AKR

Gjilan: Between LDK and Self Determination

Prizren: Between PDK and Self Determination

Pec: It is not known if there will be a runoff, LDK is leading, followed by AAK. /balkaneu.com/