Kosovo: police arrest three opposition MPs

Kosovo: police arrest three opposition MPs

Police of Kosovo have arrested today Self Determination MP, Albin Kurti. Kurti was arrested as he was making his way in Parliament. Self Determination MPs have contested his arrest, but police have managed to disperse them.

The arrest followed the reaction of the leader of Self Determination, Visar Ymer. Ymeri also confirmed the arrest of Albulena Haxhiu and Donika Kadaj-Bujupi, both MPs of this party.

“Three MPs of this party were brutally arrested today by Kosovo Police, through a politically motivated order. This is a continuation of the a campaign of persecution against Self Determination, which started with the conviction of our four activists to 21 years in prison without any evidence, just because we are protesting to defend the sovereignty of the republic and the territorial integrity of the country’, Self Determination leader said.

On Wednesday, Court of First Instance in Pristina had issued an arrest warrant for the three MPs, as none of them had appeared in court.

The three Self Determination MPs are accused of using teargas inside Parliament. /balkaneu.com/