Kosovo police arrest another opposition member

Kosovo police arrest another opposition member

Pristina, 16 March 2016/Independent Balkan News Agency

By Elton Tota

Kosovo police have arrested today the head of Inspections in the Commune of Pristina, who comes from the ranks of opposition, Xhelal Svecla. His arrest was announced by Self Determination Party.

“This criminal government is trying to oppress the revolt of the citizens in order to enable Serbia’s projects and give away land to Montenegro. Isa Mustafa is the main responsible for the dangers being imposed to the state.

Isa Mustafa is also responsible for the urban crime committed in Pristina, a crime denounced by Xhelal Svecla and Self Determination. Over 80 lawsuits have been filed to the prosecution and the court is dealing with them”, Self Determination says.

According to Self Determination, Svecla’s arrest is an attempt to prevent his work on a local and central level and in order to allow organized crime and corruption led by LDK and PDK elements to act freely. /ibna/