Kosovo toward parliamentary elections, different opinions on the situation in the country

Kosovo toward parliamentary elections, different opinions on the situation in the country

IBNA Special Report/Opposition parties in Kosovo are determined to take the country to early parliamentary elections. They do not offer a concrete date, but say that this must take place as soon as possible. On the other hand, prime minister Hashim Thaci admitts that 2014 will be an electoral year and adds that election date is still unclear

Pristina, February 17, 2014/Independent Balkan News Agency

By Elton Tota

Alliance for the Future of Kosovo (AAK) has launched an incentive to call a non confidence vote against the government of prime minister Hashim Thaci.

Leader of AAK, former prime minister Ramush Haradinaj sees the unification of opposition parliamentary parties to overthrow the government as necessary, as according to him, the current situation is not at all a positive one.

The head of AAK denies the existence of a preliminary agreement with the party in power, PDK, to form a joint government after the elections.

Haradinaj says that the current government doesn’t have a majority, therefore, according to him, help must be provided by institutions of the country such as the President, Parliament, political parties.

“It’s a serious reflection on our side over the current situation. A serious political subject is obliged to set in motion all institutional options. If the situation is not good, then it must be put to an end through another better situation. We see the solution to this situation through a political agreement between opposition parties in parliament and the decision to head toward elections”, said Radinaj.

On the other hand, the biggest opposition party, Democratic League of Kosovo (LDK), is also working, according to its MP, Arben Gashi, for the country to head into elections soon.

There’s a political war even within opposition parties, because Mr. Gashi says that the elections must not be called based on the motion of AAK.

“LDK has decided for elections to take place soon. The decision is incontestable, with or without the electoral reform. This means that elections will not be held based on the motion of AAK alone”, says Gashi.

Deputy prime minister of Kosovo, Hajredin Kuci says that the Democratic Party of Kosovo is the first party in the country and according to him, parliamentary elections will not change this position.

Kuci says that PDK will be engaged to gain the faith of the citizens even in the future.

“The holding of national elections must be in line with the interests of the country, Constitution of Kosovo and democratic norms”, said Kuci.

Celebrations postpone incentives

Due to the celebrations of the 6th anniversary of independence and different proceedings with the electoral reform, opposition says that it will postpone incentives for several days.

But, in case that changes in the law, which are considered as a mini-reform, do not pass, then with or without these changes, opposition parties say that they will go ahead with the incentive for a motion and the declaration of early elections.

Another way which would lead to elections would be a political agreement through leaders of parties and prime minister Hashim Thaci, which would include the aspects of the reform and the date of the general elections.

Thaci sees the situation in a different way

Prime minister Hashim Thaci has a different opinion on the situation in the country: “Nobody can deny the economic progress that we’ve achieved. We have built the best highway in the region and the best airport in the region, while we’re starting the construction of another highway linking us to Skopje”, says Thaci, stressing that fact that highways have not been built with money from the state budget.

Speaking about the relations that he has with the opposition and other social structures, the prime minister underlined that he’s known for good relations with all these structures.

“I have no conflicts whatsoever. If someone is known for political agreements for the sake of the process of state building, then I’m that person”, said the prime minister, mentioning all agreements between majority and opposition since 2000, when the democratic life of the country started.

Thaci says that 2014 is an electoral year and adds: “During the month of March, the process of the electoral reform will be finalized and other steps will follow. Joint discussions will lead to the date for the elections. Different dates have been proposed. As PDK, we have not yet discussed on dates”, said on Sunday evening prime minister Thaci in an interview for the public television network in Kosovo.

Mr. Thaci said that: “PDK will win the 2014 elections”, adding that “we have no time for experiments, because we’re in the process of building a state”. /ibna/