Kosovo opposition announces a massive protest on 9 January

Kosovo opposition announces a massive protest on 9 January

Pristina, 15 December 2015/Independent Balkan News Agency

By Elton Tota

Opposition parties in Kosovo have called a massive protest on 9 January 2016 in Pristina, against the Brussels agreements on the Association of Serb Communes and Demarcation with Montenegro.

In a meeting held today, Visar Ymeri of Self Determination, Ramush Haradinaj of AAK and Fatmir Limaj of Incentive for Kosovo, said that they will continue to work as a united opposition against the government of Kosovo.

Self Determination leader, Visar Ymeri said that besides the agreements, on 9 January, people will also protest against what he called a police regime and the capturing of the state.

“This savageness shown by the state shows that the state has lost its legitimacy”, said Ymeri after the meeting.

Fatmir Limaj, who was the host of this meeting, said that last night’s events with the arrest of the MPs reminded him of the 1980’s.

“These events aim at intimidating citizens. No police force can make us withdraw from our contest for the agreements”, Limaj said.

On his part, Ramush Hardinaj of AAK said that police is being ordered by the government to arrest opposition MPs.

Haradinaj also said that the opposition will protest in Pec tomorrow, while on Thursday, it will protest in Malishevo. /ibna/