Kosovo on Albania’s side after the earthquake

Kosovo on Albania’s side after the earthquake

State institutions, businessmen and citizens from Kosovo in various forms are being organized to help people and areas affected by the earthquake in Albania.

Kosovo’s outgoing prime minister, Ramush Haradinaj, said that after a 6.4-magnitude earthquake hit Albania on Tuesday, thousands of Albanian citizens were offered temporarily shelter in Kosovo.

Haradinaj said that Kosovo took coordinated actions to help Albania in the aftermath of quake which left 49 people dead and hundreds wounded.

“Kosovo has received thousands of people from Albania, who are being sheltered either by citizens or by institutions. We have mobilized all necessary mechanisms to manage the situation”.

Haradinaj explained that hundreds of people have been sheltered at the Kosovo-German Innovation Training Camp in Prizren and authorities are working to offer shelter for other citizens who have lost their houses after the devastating earthquake on Tuesday.

He also called on all citizens to address the Kosovo Security Force (KSF) in offering aid to Albanian quake victims.

Vetevendosje leader and likely prime minister of Kosovo, Albin Kurti, said that the Kosovo Security Force (KSF) and Albanian Army have excellent cooperation in their search-and-rescue operations.

“We came to see the situation on the ground. I believe that in such a crisis, the army is the best tool offering the necessary organisation. The KSF and Albanian Army have excellent cooperation. With their professionalism, they are giving us hope that we will overcome this situation. I believe that our two Governments should meet and discuss the aftermath of the quake,” Kurti stated.

Montenegro, Serbia and Kosovo are sending teams to Albania to assist with the rescue efforts after the country was hit by a 6.4 magnitude earthquake on Tuesday morning, while other countries in the Balkan region have also offered help.

All the countries closest to Albania, including Italy and Greece, have offered help with the rescue operations, while other European leaders have also offered their assistance./ibna