Kosovo, a member of International Olympic Committee

Kosovo, a member of International Olympic Committee

Pristina, October 22, 2014/Independent Balkan News Agency

By Elton Tota

Kosovo will participate in the 2016 Olympic Games as an independent state.

As of this year, Kosovar sportsmen will be equal to others in Olympic sports.

Kosovo’s Olympic Committee (KOK) is expected to adhere this week in the International Olympic Committee.

Sources within KOK told IBNA that the issue of Kosovo will be intensively discussed in the meeting of the Executive Committee of the International Olympic Committee and at the end of the meeting, the Committee will decide to accept Kosovo.

15 members of this committee are eligible to vote, while the majority of them are in favor of accepting Kosovo.

After the publication of the news that Kosovo was accepted by the International Olympic Committee, the Serb Olympic Committee issued a press release, where it almost admits that Kosovo will be accepted.

“Throughout the years, Serb authorities have been informed about the efforts of the self proclaimed Republic of Kosovo to use different channels and become a member of the International Olympic Committee. This has lasted at least four years and the Serb Olympic Committee has successfully stopped this. We have information that the members of the International Olympic Committee are ready this time, to accept this incentive, although in many cases, along with state institutions, we have insisted that such thing is unacceptable. Such acceptance would present a rare case in the history of the International Olympic Committee, because no state has ever accepted before if it was not part of the UN”, reads the press release of the Serb Olympic Committee. /ibna/