Kosovo marks its seventh anniversary of Independence

Kosovo marks its seventh anniversary of Independence

IBNA Special Report

Pristina, February 17, 2015/Independent Balkan News Agency

By Elton Tota

Kosovo marks today the seventh anniversary of the proclamation of Independence, one of the most important dates in the history of the country.

Contrary to other years, this seventh anniversary has found Kosovo with many difficulties.

The government of Kosovo has not organized big celebrations. Meanwhile, no important world personality is expected to arrive to Kosovo in honor of this day.

The spokesman of the new government, Arban Abrashi, says that the anniversary of Independence will be celebrated in a modest way until 2018.

“We believe that 2018 will be appropriate year to celebrate the 10th anniversary. This would be the moment to invite personalities of Euro-Atlantic countries in order to celebrate together the model of an independent and free country at the heart of Balkan”, says Abrashi.

According to him, massive celebrations are lacking because the state is facing big challenges.

Extreme poverty, massive departures of young people and other problems, are something that do not make Kosovo’s state leaders very proud, while the citizens say that they do not feel the enthusiasm of this day as it has happened in previous years.

Arben Kosumi, a student, had never thought that in such a short time, Kosovo people would no longer want their state, for which many generations sacrificed everything.

“On the seventh anniversary of Independence, Kosovo is facing poverty and misery. It’s a real pity when you see large numbers of people leaving Kosovo to go to western countries. It seems that they’ve lost all hope that one day, things in this state can get better. To be honest with you, I don’t have any desire to celebrate in this situation”, says he.

The same opinion is also shared by student Fanol Shala.

He told IBNA that the politicians of the country are to be blamed for the current situation in Kosovo. According to him, they never thought of the interests of the state, but only their own interests.

Krasniqi: Let us find the strength to celebrate

Former speaker of the parliament of Kosovo, Jakup Krasniqi told IBNA that in these difficult moments, the citizens of the country must find the strength to celebrate the seventh anniversary of Independence.

“We must use these difficult moments in order to drive all our energies toward celebrating the Independence of Kosovo. Our people have plenty of energies to see beyond the current situation. Of course there are many reasons to be disappointed, but disappointment cannot be the solution. The country needs immediate changes, but changes do not come by escaping difficulties, but by facing them for a better life”, says Krasniqi.

Thaci: Kosovo is a consolidated state

Meanwhile, Hashim Thaci, who today holds the post of deputy PM and minister of Foreign Affairs, has shared several moments of the proclamation of the Independence Declaration, which he read on 17 February 2008 before Kosovo MPs.

Thaci says that the proclamation of Independence, the reading of the Declaration of Independence and then the moment of the signature of the declaration were moments that brought admiration for all of those who had worked and sacrificed for this scope.

“The moment of the proclamation of the Independence of Kosovo will be remembered by every citizen of Kosovo, especially us, who had the privilege to make the aspiration of the people of Kosovo a reality”, says he.

Thaci has also mentioned the achievements of the new state during this period of time.

“The new state has been consolidated and today it’s a source of stability for the entire region and beyond and also an example for other countries of the world as to how to overcome the pain and destruction caused by the war”, said Thaci.

According to him, Kosovo today is a free and democratic country, with the best elections in the region and with a stable economy.

Meanwhile, opposition parties in Kosovo have strongly criticized the current government. Self Determination has demanded the mobilization of the citizens to remove this government, which is damaging the state of Kosovo.

Declaration of Independence, 17 February 2008

Gathered in the parliament of Kosovo on 17 February 2008, Kosovo’s lawmakers signed the declaration of independence. The independence was preceded by a long journey throughout the years, but which started to take shape in the first years of the dissolution of former Yugoslavia. It started with the strike of the Trepca miners, who wanted to defend the constitutional position of Kosovo, to continue with the amendment of Constitution in 1974, the Student Movement protest, the attacks of Serb forces in Prekaz, war of KLA and the event that laid the foundations of the new history-NATO’s bombardments on Serbia. /ibna/