Kosovo marks a slight improvement in the freedom of media

Kosovo marks a slight improvement in the freedom of media

“Reporters without borders” have ranked Kosovo among the countries with a slight improvement at a time when the freedom of the media worldwide is seeing a fall.

In this year’s ranking of this report, published today by the “Reporters without borders” organization, Kosovo is 82nd, 8 places better than last year, when it ranked 90th.

However, this report says that Kosovo continues to face significant problems with the freedom of press.

Countries with significant problems are Bosnia and Herzegovina (65th last year, 68th this year), Serbia (66th this year, 59th last year), Croatia (74th this year, 63rd last year).

Among Balkan countries, the country that has the worst ranking in terms of the freedom of press is FYR Macedonia, which, nonetheless has ranked better than last year.

This year’s World Press Freedom Index ranks countries based on five categories: better situation, satisfactory situation, evident problems, difficult situation and very serious situation.

The report also says that violations in the freedom of press are more and more taking place in authoritarian regimes. /balkaneu.com/