Kosovo: Low representation of women in politics and decision making

Kosovo: Low representation of women in politics and decision making

The laws that Kosovo has adopted on gender equality and rights of women, meet the highest democratic standards, but the failure to implement them have put women in an unfavorable position.

This was said on Monday in parliament by representatives of domestic and international institutions at the start of Women’s Week, organized by the Democratic National Institute.

Vice US ambassador to Pristina, Colleen Hylland said that the participation of women in Kosovo’s institutional life needs to grow in order for democracy in the country to be able to grow too.

“The government of Kosovo has only two women. No parliamentary group is chaired by a woman. Women are not even represented in party leadership and the 38 communes of the country. This problem is not only encountered in Kosovo, but also in the US and other countries of the world”, Hylland said.

Kosovo’s parliamentary speaker, Kadri Veseli declared that the country’s institutions must put an end to gender inequality.

He said that parliament of Kosovo has voted many good laws, but their application has problems in many segments and there is a serious negligence in the implementation of laws that address gender equality.

Meanwhile, Gresa Caka, Constitutional Court justice said that women will play a decisive role in the country’s path and in addressing challenges. /balkaneu.com/