Kosovo has a lot to lose from Brexit

Kosovo has a lot to lose from Brexit

Pristina, 24 June 2016/ Independent Balkan News Agency

By Elton Tota

Great Britain’s exist from the European Union through a democratic referendum has sparked reactions even in Kosovo.

Senior state officials say that in its Euro integrating path, Kosovo has lost one of its biggest supporters in the European Union.

Kosovo’s Integration Minister, Bekim Collaku said that Britain’s exit from the European family is not good news.

“This new reality is the most challenging moment and the most difficult one of this union since its creation. For us, who aspire EU integration, it is not a good thing that a member state, which is one of the first ones who have recognized our independence and one of our supporters in the EU integration path, leaves this family”, Collaku said.

He said that in spite of this decision, Kosovo and United Kingdom will continue to cultivate and intensify their bilateral relations.

“EU leaders must keep the European Union united during this difficult time”, he said.

Kosovo’s ambassador to the UK, Lirim Graicevci, said that even after Britain’s exit from the EU, bilateral relations between Kosovo and the UK will continue to be strong.

“The result is disappointing, but this is the people’s will and as such, it must be accepted and respected. This situation is filled with uncertainties, but Great Britain must negotiate a new relation with the EU and this can last years. Although Kosovo has lost one of its greatest supporters in the European Union, the excellent bilateral relations between Kosovo and Britain will continue to be strong”, he said. /balkaneu.com/