Kosovo, Lista Srpska wins the elections for the mayor of northern Mitrovica

Kosovo, Lista Srpska wins the elections for the mayor of northern Mitrovica

Pristina, February 24, 2014/Independent Balkan News Agency

By Elton Tota

On Sunday (23.02), the citizens of northern Mitrovica have voted for the fourth time in less than 4 months for the election of the mayor of the commune.

The elections were quiet and without incidents. The voting process ended at 7 pm and saw the victory of the Serb Goran Rakic, who won over his other Serb rival, Ivanovic, who is in prison, accused of war crimes against Albanians of Kosovo.

Modest participation

Central Election Commission has reported that on Sunday, the participation was 20.72 or 28.429 voters.

Two Serb candidates and two Albanian candidates participated on the race.

CEC declared that candidate Goran Rakic from Gradanska Inicijativa Srpska won over 52.6% or 2700 votes. Oliver Ivanovic from GI SDP, 27.7%, Florent Azemi from the Democratic Party of Kosovo, 11% and Musa Myftari from the Democratic League of Kosovo, 8.7%.

Srpska List announces the victory

According to the data issued by “Lista Srpska”, their candidate, Goran Rakic will be the future mayor of Northern Mitrovica.

The spokesman of Srpska List, Alexander Spiric declared in a press conference that Rakic had won 2.707 votes.

The electoral staff of “Serbia, Democracy, Justice” led by Oliver Ivanovic has also admitted that following the preliminary results, the representative of “Srpska List”, Goran Rakic is a winner of the elections.

“We’re always ready to collaborate. We hope and expect him to meet the promises made during the electoral campaign”, declared the vice chairman of ‘Serbia, Democracy, Justice”, Ksenija Bozovic.

According to her, their political party could not achieve better results, because their leader is being detained.

Voting process without incidents

The spokesman of the Central Election Commission, Valmir Elezi has declared that no irregularities which would damage the electoral process, were registered during the voting.

“The voting process went well and we didn’t receive any reports for irregularities on voting day”, said Elezi.

On Sunday, a great presence of the Police of Kosovo, EULEX and KFOR has been noticed on the streets and near ballot centers.

Police of Kosovo officials have stressed that around 200 members of this force have secured the electoral process in northern Mitrovica.

Head of OSCE, Jean-Claude Schlumberger happy with the elections

OSCE mission says that it has successfully facilitated the process of extraordinary elections in the North of Mitrovica. OSCE said that voters had the possibility to cast their vote from 7 am to 7 pm in 7 ballot centers and 33 ballot boxes.

The head of the OSCE Mission in Kosovo, ambassador Jean-Claude Sclumberger said that he was happy by the electoral process in the North of Mitrovica, stressing that this process was a quiet one.

“I’m very happy with today’s elections. The members of electoral commissions have performed their duties with professionalism and almost 100 OSCE members offered their necessary technical help”, said Schlumberger.

“Police of Kosovo, EULEX and KFOR once again showed that they were up to the level of their duty, by offering a quiet electoral environment”, said Schlumberger.

Citizens feel obliged

Speaking for IBNA on Sunday, a considerable number of citizens of northern Mitrovica said that they had gone voting since the early hours of the morning in order to execute their right to vote.

Jovan Ilic, resident of northern Mitrovica says that he was one of the first ones that had voted, with the hope that the commune where he lives would finally have a mayor.

“I believe that it’s now time to have a mayor who faces the problems that have not been resolved up until now”, says Ilic.

Novica Sovrlic has also voted in the morning, as according to him, he executed his civil obligation.

“I feel that this is an obligation. When everyone appeals for people to vote and the government of Serbia is part of these appeals, I believe people should vote. Our city is only lacking a little bit of wisdom, nothing else”, said Sovrlic.

Four candidates ran for the commune of northern Mitrovica: Goran Rakic from Serb Civil Initiative, Florent Azemi from the Democratic Party of Kosovo, Musa Miftari from the Democratic League of Kosovo and the leader of “Serbia, Democracy, Justice”, Oliver Ivanovic, who is currently being detained on charges of war crimes. /ibna/