Kosovo: Lack of political consensus about the dialogue with Serbia

Kosovo: Lack of political consensus about the dialogue with Serbia

President of Kosovo, Hashim Thaci is expected to continue the final phase of dialogue with Serbia without the consensus of the political parties in the country.

Opposition party are against the fact that the president of the country is leading these negotiations with Serbia.

Although Sunday marked the official start of the final phase of dialogue between Kosovo and Serbia, political class in Kosovo continues to be divided and not agree as far as this phase is concerned.

Opposition parties continue not to support president Hashim Thaci as chief negotiator, although he was the one who met with president of Serbia, Aleksandar Vucic in Brussels.

Under the Constitution, parliament of Kosovo is the only institution which decides Kosovo’s representative in the dialogue with Serbia.

“Parliament of Kosovo has not yet decided on this issue, because the platform for dialogue with Serbia, which was going to be debated in Parliament, was withdrawn by the government. Meanwhile, 2011 platform authorizes the government to hold this dialogue with Serbia.

As a result, President Thaci has no powers whatsoever to negotiate on behalf of the citizens of Kosovo”, LDK says.

On the other hand, Self Determination says that a dialogue led by the government which does not have the necessary numbers in parliament and by a president who does not represent the unity of the people, is damaging and has negative consequences for the country. /ibna/