Kosovo, as an isolated island in Europe

Kosovo, as an isolated island in Europe

Pristina, 24 August 2016/Independent Balkan News Agency

By Elton Tota

Kosovo continues to remain an isolated island in the heart of Europe. The failure to meet the criteria recommended by the European Commission and the domestic political crisis are making it impossible for Kosovo citizens to move freely toward EU member countries.

Experts of European integration in Pristina are pessimistic about the process of the liberalization of visas.

European law professor, Llokman Murtezani told IBNA that citizens of Kosovo will not be able to move freely in the EU this year due to domestic political problems.

“The lack of political consensus on the issue of demarcation will have a negative effect in giving the green light for the free movement of Kosovo citizens toward the EU countries. The domestic political crisis will make member countries vote against the liberalization of visas for Kosovo”, he says.

But, besides demarcation, Kosovo also has problems with meeting other criteria imposed by the European Union.

“Other important issues relate to the strengthening and management of borders, fight against corruption and organized crime, migration, repatriation and the signing of several EU documents”, Murtezani says.

Expert of European integration, Muhamer Pajaziti also launches strong criticism against Brussels on this.

“As far as free movement is concerned, EU’s policies toward Kosovo are not fair. Political decisions have been taken for other Balkan countries, while more criteria have been added for Kosovo”, Pajaziti says for IBNA.

According to him, the current EU visa regime for Kosovo has a negative impact on the development of the market, business, but also for the education of a more open civil society.

“The policy of visas that the EU is applying for Kosovo contributes for the isolation of this state and mines the efforts of the Balkans for reforms and stability”, Pajaziti says.

The failure to ratify the demarcation agreement with Montenegro by the parliament of Kosovo, is the cause for the postponement of the liberalization of visas by the EU. /balkaneu.com/