Kosovo is the most isolated country in Europe

Kosovo is the most isolated country in Europe

Kosovo continues to remain the most isolated country in Europe. The movement of Kosovo’s citizens in the EU member countries undergoes complicated and difficult visa application procedures.

Meanwhile, Kosovo’s EU integration perspective is also unclear, because five EU member countries have not recognized its independence.

This approach taken by Brussels has pushed the president of the country to react, by requesting EU officials to see Kosovo as a success story.

President of Kosovo, Hashim Thaci is being very tough on the EU’s stance toward Kosovo, in particular on the issue of the liberalization of the visa regime.

These days, Thaci has criticized the European Commission by considering the fact that the demarcation with Montenegro has been imposed as a condition for the liberalization of the visa regime, as unfair.

According to him, such stance damages the faith that the citizens of Kosovo have on the European Commission.

Meanwhile, analysts in Pristina have different stances on the president’s statements.

Analyst Vilhard Shala said that the president’s language relates to the failure of Kosovo’s institutions in delivering the criteria imposed by the European Union.

“The process for the liberalization of the visa regime requires the fulfillment of a number of criteria relating to the fight of corruption and organized crime, preventing illegal migration and addressing several pending issues with the neighbors.

In this aspect, Kosovo has not marked any significant progress. This is why it’s necessary that the new government and other institutions should intensify their efforts to deliver these criteria. The criticism addressed against the EU doesn’t yield any results”, Shala said. /balkaneu.com/