Kosovo is aiming to become part of NATO and UN

Kosovo is aiming to become part of NATO and UN

Prime Minister of Kosovo, Ramush Haradinaj has received today in a meeting NATO’s vice assistant Secretary General, John Manza.

During this meeting, Haradinaj said the country was liberated and is now living in peace thanks to NATO and its strategic allies, while aiming to contribute all over the world once it becomes part of NATO.

“Kosovo Security Force has achieved progress as an all-inclusive and professional force. FSK is ready to assume its responsibilities as an army in compliance with NATO’s standards”, Haradinaj said.

Kosovo’s PM has also met with the Secretary General for Peace Keeping Missions at the UN, Bintou Keita.

The PM thanked the UN for its important role in the early stages of the consolidation of the state and for the contribution given by its agencies in many projects and important processes for the country. /ibna/