Kosovo: International conference for interfaith dialogue starts in Pristina

Kosovo: International conference for interfaith dialogue starts in Pristina

Pristina, 1 June 2016/Independent Balkan News Agency

By Elton Tota

For the fifth year in a row the international conference for the promotion of interfaith dialogue and approach against violent extremism has started in Pristina. More than 300 guests from different religions of the world are participating in this conference.

The conference was addressed by the President of Kosovo, Hashim Thaci, who said that the threat from religious extremism is real and deadly. He said that fight against violent extremism must be comprehensive.

“Every country is threatened by fundamentalism and violent extremism. We would be making a mistake if we said that we do not have such people around us and if we do not realize that the threat from extremism is real and deadly. There have been elements who have traveled from Kosovo to Syria and Iraq, but we have been considered as champions against extremism and terrorism”, the president said.

Meanwhile, PM Isa Mustafa said that the existence of different religions in Kosovo must be seen as a value which must be preserved and cultivated in a fair way.

Mustafa also talked about the role of women and religious tolerance.

“We have problems and our economy is not consolidated, but without the engagement of women in economy there is no economic development and without emancipated women, we cannot fight extremism”, Mustafa said.

Besides representatives of religious communities in Kosovo, the conference will also see the participation of guests from different countries of the world, including two Peace Nobel Prize winners, Shirin Ebadi from Iran and Tawekkol Karman from Yemen.

Kosovo has faced the phenomenon of its citizens going to Syria since 2012. Since then, around 300 citizens of Kosovo have joined the conflict there, while at the present, this number is around 70. Around 60 of them have been declared dead.

Around 90 people have been arrested and around 40 have been indicted. /balkaneu.com/