Kosovo: Hoti says Vučič’s rhetoric jeopartizes regional peace

Kosovo: Hoti says Vučič’s rhetoric jeopartizes regional peace

Kosovo Prime Minister Avdullah Hoti has said he is not in favor of the normalization of relations between Belgrade and Pristina when Serbian President Aleksandar Vučič said that conflicts could not always remain frozen, stating that Kosovo is committed to peace and stability in the region and beyond.

“The statements of Serbian President Aleksandar Vučič do not support the normalization of relations between the two countries, the achievement of a final agreement and mutual recognition, contrary to all the commitments made by Serbia, under the guarantees of the international community, for lasting peace and economic development in the region”, Hoti wrote on his personal Facebook page.

He went on to say that the Kosovo authorities remain “committed to their constructive role for the good of peace, stability and prosperity in the entire region”.

“The government expects the European Union and NATO to meet these challenges. The Government of the Republic of Kosovo will continue its commitment to the country’s membership in NATO, the European Union and all relevant international institutions, as an added value for the development of democracy and world peace”, Hoti added.

Hoti’s reaction came after the Serbian president’s statements that “the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict showed how an icy conflict can escalate when someone unfreezes it. One lesson is the most important for me – we must not leave a frozen conflict to the children. We must find a compromise solution. It was obvious that people, apart from the announcements, were not interested in reacting. The situation in the world seemed to be different. It turns out that you should always rely on your own strengths. That is why Serbia needs to be strengthened in order to protect itself from any attack”, Vučić said.

Reactions to Hoti’s statements

The President of the Assembly of Serbia, Ivica Dačić, stated that, “while the whole world is talking about the trial in The Hague and the crimes of the Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA), Kosovo officials are trying hard to lie about Serbia and President Aleksandar Vučić.

“Even now, they lie disgustingly about Vučić threatening new wars. Instead, Vučić spoke about the need to resolve the problems in Kosovo and Metohija and not to leave a frozen conflict that will remain an eternal threat”, the president of the Serbian Parliament on Kosovo said on the Internet.

According to him, in Pristina, “they obviously forget that the time of false news and first love with NATO and the EU has passed”.

“Everyone sees that Serbia is a predictable and constructive partner and a pillar of stability in the Balkans”, Dačić said.

The Serbian List also reacted to Hoti’s statements. The inability of Pristina officials to engage in dialogue, maintain peace and establish European values ​​in the Kosovo region and in Metohija is well represented by today’s hysterical attacks on President Aleksandar Vučić, the Serbian government said.

Schizophrenic statements and threats against President Vučić, who is calling for peace and the resolution of all outstanding issues through dialogue under the auspices of the European Union, comes to show how Albanians in Kosovo and Metohija are in the hands of “underage” politicians in the 21st century.

Calling for NATO intervention and hints of a conflict, the Serbian List stresses that it is demanding the most urgent response from international representatives who must contain frustrated political leaders from Pristina, who, for political reason, resort to cheap political statements.

The Serbian List stresses that it shares President Vučić’s position that everyone in the Balkans needs peace, economic progress and association, but also a change in the rhetoric of politicians trapped in the past, thus endangering the future of citizens and deceiving citizens in Pristina./ibna