Kosovo: Hoti presents his government’s program

Kosovo: Hoti presents his government’s program

Kosovo’s Prime Minister-designate Avdullah Hoti is presenting his government’s priorities in parliament, with a vote of confidence in his government is expected to follow.

Hoti said the first two priorities of his government, if he receives a vote of confidence, will be to fight the COVID-19 pandemic and the economic recovery of Kosovo.

“Based on the situation we are facing, our main priorities will be: the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic and the economic recovery after this pandemic. In addition to these priorities, the government will have other priorities that will be to strengthen the state, increase employment, strengthen competitiveness”, Hoti said in a speech.

The candidate for Prime Minister also said that under the Constitution of the Republic of Kosovo, responsibilities will be taken to promote the dialogue process with Serbia, adding that in such a process they will work with the European Union and the United States and that they will not allow any border changes or territory exchange.

He also said he would work for co-operation and integration of the opposition, especially in the dialogue process with Serbia.

Hoti also noted that the new government, in addition to the tests performed so far with the RT PCR procedure in the Microbiology laboratory, will also use serological tests to allow for faster results for Covid-19, adding that the testing centers will be decentralized, by enhancing regional capacity to monitor the pandemic./ibna