Kosovo is hoping to become a member of UNESCO

Kosovo is hoping to become a member of UNESCO

Pristina, 20 October 2015/Independent Balkan News Agency

By Elton Tota

On Wednesday, Kosovo is expected to be part of the UNESCO agenda of discussions to become a full member of this organization.

In November, there will be a voting in the UNESCO general assembly, where two thirds of the votes are needed.

Deputy minister of Foreign Affairs, Petrit Selimi says that many countries which haven’t recognized Kosovo, will vote in favor of the state with two million people to become a member of the organization that protects cultural and historical heritage.

He says that there is no reason for the Executive Committee to keep Kosovo isolated.

“Serbia is holding a tough campaign against Kosovo. We are hopeful that the Executive Committee will be in Kosovo’s favor. Then, we will focus on the UNESCO general assembly which will be held on 9 November”, Selimi says.

Deputy minister Selimi also talked about the preservation of cultural and historical monuments in Kosovo, that Serbia claims.

“Kosovo will fanatically preserve along with the international community all the heritage in Kosovo, regardless of religions. Both monasteries and mosques will be protected”, Selimi added. /ibna/