Is Kosovo heading to extraordinary elections?

Is Kosovo heading to extraordinary elections?

IBNA Special Report

Pristina, August 26, 2014/Independent Balkan News Agency

By Elton Tota

After the latest decision of the Constitutional Court to annul the election of the speaker of parliament, Kosovo may head to extraordinary elections.

Experts of political developments told IBNA that fresh elections would leave the state without institutions and a proper government for a long time.

Kosovar analyst, Vilhard Shala told IBNA that the holding of fresh elections this year shows the irresponsibility of political leaders in the country.

“If we continue with this trend, then the new year may find us without any institutions. Given the obligations that this country has about the European integration, liberalization of visas, the talks with Serbia, the creation of the Special Court, I believe that fresh elections are unnecessary. But, the current political situation doesn’t leave any other option, besides extraordinary parliamentary elections”, says Shala.

According to him, the political deadlock comes as a result of personal grudges and interests of the representatives of the political class in Kosovo.

Analyst Naim Rashiti, from the Balkan Group for Politics, says that political parties must look into other alternatives for the solution of the political crisis, before heading to extraordinary parliamentary elections.

“Before going to elections, there are two options left. First, parliament’s steering committee must be attempted to be elected. I believe that parties will agree on this and this way, the government will be formed based on the formula suggested by the Court.

Secondly, if parties continue to agree, then they may attempt a comprehensive solution and in the current situation, I believe that international factor would encourage the second option in order to avoid fresh elections”, says Rashiti.

But, the idea of a comprehensive government is categorically refused by the opposition bloc.

Leader of the Democratic League of Kosovo, Isa Mustafa says that a comprehensive government has no sense, it’s neither democratic nor rational.

According to him, opposition coalition is determined to take the project forward, by ruling out every possibility for a coalition with PDK.

“We’re ready to head to new elections, but we’re not ready to give up on our project”, said Mustafa, adding that the will of the people cannot be limited to 30% of polls, but to the majority.

He said that the coalition has the support of the minority and that they’re waiting their votes in parliament for the government.

Meanwhile, vice chairman of PDK, Arsim Bajrami says that with its decision, the Constitutional Court clarified the legal path and gave way to the creation of institutions.

He said that opposition parties have made a mistake when forming a post election coalition with the aim of stopping the creation of “Thaci 3” government.

He said that the last two situations which were sent to the Constitutional Court were clear even before these decisions.

“I believe that this is a decision which was expected and which gives way to the consolidation of institutions. Now, I have no more dilemmas as far as legal and constitutional uncertainties are concerned, following a good process where democratic legitimacy has been created”, said Bajrami.

Bajrami says that nobody can hold the process to ransom, as according to him, the decision of the Constitutional Court was clear.

The cost of holding fresh elections in Kosovo is around 5 million Euros. This was also the amount officially spent for the June 8 elections.

In case there’s no solution to the political deadlock in the days to come, this amount is expected to be spent again for the elections, without taking into account the funds which are not made public for the donations made to political parties by businesses. /ibna/