Kosovo: Grenell accuses Kurti of being “anti-American”

Kosovo: Grenell accuses Kurti of being “anti-American”

Former US envoy for the Kosovo-Serbia dialogue Richard Grenell sharply criticized the leader of the Vetëvendosje Movement Albin Kurti. In a Twitter post, Grenell referred to Kurti as a man who has always been anti-American. The post was made because of Kurti’s stance on reconsidering the decision to establish a Kosovo embassy in Jerusalem.

“The Left wing anti-American new leader of Kosovo Albin Kurti has been against US policies suggested by Bill Clinton, George Bush, Barack Obama and Donald Trump. He’s always the anti-American. Biden’s team must stop him,” Grenell said according to National Security Adviser to President Jake Sullivan.

Shortly after, Grenell re-accused Kurti in a new post on Twitter.

“Albin Kurti threw tear gas into Kosovo’s parliament in an effort to stop the President Obama supported demarcation with Montenegro. Joe Biden also urged Kurti at the time to support the demarcation – and he resorted to terrorism instead.” Grenell tweeted out.

Grenell was appointed special envoy of former President Trump for the Kosovo-Serbia dialogue. Through mediation, Kosovo and Serbia signed several commitments to the September 4th agreement in the White House. One of the main points of the commitments was that Kosovo would receive recognition from Israel and would have to open its embassy in Jerusalem. The two countries established diplomatic relations in early February. /ibna