Kosovo: First EU support package delivered

Kosovo: First EU support package delivered

On Thursday, Ambassador Nataliya Apostolova, Head of the EU Office in Kosovo and EU Special Representative, delivered to Kosovo the first installment of the € 5 million EU assistance in the fight against Covid-19. The aid was received by Arben Vitia, Kosovo’s Minister of Health, in front of the University Clinical Center in Pristina, according to a statement from the EU Office in Pristina.

The aid included more than 1.4 million protective medical gloves, 4,000 items of face masks, 3,000 items of protective goggles, 4,000 litres of disinfectant, 10,000 sets of disposable sheets and 50 boxes for transporting laboratory samples, delivered in 5 trucks.

“This is a time when we can extend this European Union support to people in need and to health professionals, to those who are at the forefront of this pandemic and are fighting to save lives”, Ambassador Apostolova said while delivering the equipment.

“In March, when the pandemic hit Kosovo, we told you we were in this together. We are now fulfilling that promise. Despite the difficult situation amongst the EU Member States, the EU is committed to helping Kosovo and today is just the beginning. Many more medical supplies and much more medical equipment, as part of the € 5 million emergency aid, will be delivered in the coming weeks”.

Other batches of medical supplies will include items such as respirators, infusion pumps, ambulances, pulse oximeters, hospital beds, patient screens, defibrillators, electrocardiograms, masks, test kits, tubes, medication and other essentials.

In addition to this direct health assistance, the EU is also preparing around 63m euros in medium-term measures for socio-economic assistance, as well as a loan of about 100m euros in macroeconomic assistance in Kosovo. /ibna