Kosovo is facing many challenges and priorities

Kosovo is facing many challenges and priorities

Pristina, 2 October 2015/Independent Balkan News Agency

By Elton Tota

16 years after the end of the war, Kosovo is facing many challenges. This was declared by the president of Kosovo, Atifetet Jahjaga in a speech that she delivered in front of Columbia University students.

Jahjaga said that Kosovo is still far from delivering all promises, for a state with prosperity and economic development, free of corruption.

“There’s still a lot of work to do, but at the same time, lots of progress has been made. Kosovo is far from being a country of emergency crises. In 16 years, it has seen great achievements for the reconstruction of the country. However, she demanded from the youth of the country to contribute in building the state, not to migrate and look for opportunities in their country”, Jahjaga said.

Jahjaga also talks about the bitter past of Kosovo under the Serb regime, the war, the victims, freedom and the independence of the new state.

The president of Kosovo also talked about the survivors of sexual violence during the war, Albanian girls and women who have been forgotten by their state and the international community and president Jahjaga considers this as one of the most painful processes of the period after the war.

“National and international prosecutors have failed in making justice for the survivors of the sexual violence during the war, caused by the Serb forces. The international community that administered Kosovo after the war, has never dealt with cases of sexual violations “, Jahjaga said.

Jahjaga was among many world leaders who were invited in the recent days by “Columbia University” in the World Leaders Forum.

President Jahjaga is in the United States on the occasion of the 15 anniversary of the voting of resolution 1325 of the UN Security Council, while she has also had meetings with senior American officials. /ibna/