Kosovo is not endangered by Ebola

Kosovo is not endangered by Ebola

Pristina, August 5, 2014/Independent Balkan News Agency

By Elton Tota

Ebola epidemics, which since February has claimed the life of around 700 people in Western Africa and which is  considered to be as one of the most dangerous epidemics, does not risk at expanding in Kosovo.

But, in case this happens, Ministry of Health along with the World Health Organization and National Institute of Public Health, is prepared and has taken all the necessary measures.

According to Faik Hoti, spokesman of the Ministry of Health, there’s no danger for a massive outbreak of Ebola and he stressed that this epidemic is only transmitted in areal ways.

“In fact, based on the development of the epidemic in some Western African countries, no massive outbreak is predicted in other continents, given that in contrast to other viruses, Ebola is only transmitted through the air. Nevertheless, the World Health Organization has recommended for all health services around the world to be prepared and to engage their capacities and be ready to face eventual cases. For now, WHO has not recommended extreme measures, a quarantine or anything like this”, said Hoti.

Hoti said that the National Institute of Public Health is able to take preventive measures starting by health education and strengthening of different capacities. He also says that it’s important not to spread panic among the population.

Meanwhile, the head of the World Health Organization in Kosovo, Skender Syla says that Ebola has spread in West Africa and that there’s no danger for this epidemic to be spread in Kosovo.

“For the moment, there’s no danger for the spreading of this epidemic, because this epidemic has only spread in four countries of West Africa region. In spite of this, we have issued our recommendations to the institutions of Kosovo to take the necessary measures”, says Syla.

According to him, WHO constantly informs health authorities in Kosovo on the epidemic state of old diseases. /ibna/