Kosovo: Economic growth for 2018 will be around 4%

Kosovo: Economic growth for 2018 will be around 4%

Today, Parliament of Kosovo held a debate on next year’s state budget.

The minister of Finance, Bedri Hamza, said that the new allocation of funds aims at offering adequate financing for projects and the implementation of state policies for a sustainable development of the country.

“Based on a real process of revision, we lowered expenses from 2 billion euros to 1 billion and 810 million euros, while budget revenues are expected to be 1 billion and 725 billion euros”.

In response to questions addressed by MPs, the Finance minister declared that economic growth for 2018 will be around 4%.

Meanwhile, opposition representatives have addressed criticism against the budget.

Self Determination MP, Albin Kurti has considered this budget as the budget of misery.

“This is the budget of financial and political misery. This budget sinks the middle and poor class in poverty”, Kurti said. /balkaneu.com/