Kosovo doesn’t allow the entry of Serb text books

Kosovo doesn’t allow the entry of Serb text books

Pristina, 20 June 2016/Independent Balkan News Agency

By Elton Tota

The government of Kosovo has issued a decision which forbids the entry of text books from Serbia to Kosovo and this has not enabled the holding of a book fair in Serbian in Gracanica.

The organizers of the fair blamed the government of Kosovo, which they considered as “repressive administration” which “doesn’t allow Serb children to have books in their language.

Cultural Center in Granacinca says that it is canceling the book fair called “Vidovdan”, which had been scheduled to take place from 15 June until 1 July.

“Although this sanction applies to school texts in the Serb language, it is clear that even books which are not school books cannot enter in Kosovo and Metohia”.

Meanwhile, the spokesman of the Customs of Kosovo, Adriatik Stavileci says that authorities have acted based on a decision launched by Ministry of Education of Kosovo.

Meanwhile, the Ministry of Education has not commented such situation, which has come as a measure of reciprocity, due to the fact that Serbia has not allowed the entry of Albanian books in the Presevo Valley in the South of Serbia.

Meanwhile, an independent commission established in Kosovo for the revision of learning programs in Serb schools, points out that school texts have been filled with hatred and lies.

Serb students, who are citizens of Kosovo, learn in school that Kosovo is part of Serbia, they do not recognize its anthem and only recognize the Serb anthem.

History books say that Albanians have committed genocide against the Serbs, but they know nothing of the 1999 conflict. /balkaneu.com/