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Kosovo is going through a difficult situation of power supply

Kosovo is going through a difficult situation of power supply
Pristina, 23 July 2015/Independent Balkan News Agency

By Elton Tota

At the present, Kosovo is going through a very difficult energy situation, due to the unplanned suspensions of production by Kosovo Energy Corporation (KEK).

Due to the many problems in “Kosovo A” power plant, the situation with the distribution of power supply is worse than last year.

This was announced today by the distribution company KESCO, which states that it has been obliged to import the electricity available in the market at a price seven times higher than the normal price.

“Although it’s not KESCO’s job, we’re importing energy which is seven times more expensive than the normal price (130 euros per megawatt) in order to overcome this situation. However, this is not sufficient  for a normal supply of power and cannot be sustained for a long time”, reads the statement.

“In order not to cause the system to collapse, we’re obliged to suspend power supply due to the lack of energy capacities in the country. We have informed all third parties and other operators for the current situation”, the statement says. /ibna/

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