Kosovo: Demarcation with Montenegro goes through

Kosovo: Demarcation with Montenegro goes through

Parliament of Kosovo has managed to vote today in favor of the ratification of the border demarcation agreement with Montenegro.

Despite the violent attempts of Self Determination Party to stop this process, governing coalition MPs and MPs of the Democratic league of Kosovo managed to finalize this process, thus giving way to the process of the liberalization of visas and Kosovo’s European perspective.

After the voting, the speaker of Parliament, Kadri Veseli  said that the agreement will unblock the process of European integration for the country.

During the day, Self Determination MPs brought back scenes of teargas in Parliament, in an attempt to prevent the ratification of the agreement.

The US ambassador to Pristina, Greg Delawie said that he was disappointed by what he saw in the Parliament of Kosovo.

“People with obsolete ideas use political violence to attain their goals. This can no longer happen in Kosovo. Kosovo is better than this. This must not happen in a European country. Teargas has no place in Europe”, said ambassador Delawie. /balkaneu.com/