Kosovo in a deep political and constitutional crisis

Kosovo in a deep political and constitutional crisis

IBNA Special Report

Pristina, July 1, 2014/Independent Balkan News Agency

By Elton Tota

Constitutional Court has ruled on Monday on the case submitted by president Atifete Jahjaga, namely, to hear the court’s opinion on the consistency of article 84 and article 95 of the Constitution, which refers to the prime minister nominee.

The Constitutional Court has declared that it has taken a decision, but it has not revealed it.

The press statement issued by the court only says that the court will announce the ruling in the days to come.

IBNA news agency has contacted a source within the Constitutional Court, but he has refused to speak about the content of the verdict.

He said that the verdict will be announced on Tuesday, or Wednesday  at the latest.

“What the media has reported are sheer speculations. The text is more structured. You will see it tomorrow and I don’t think that any serious lawyer will be able to contest it”, said this source.

Meanwhile, the situation about the creation of the new government is very unclear. The political party that won the June 8 elections, Democratic Party of Kosovo, is little likely to form the government, because opposition parties are determined not to collaborate with it.

The ruling of the Constitutional Court about the issue of the prime minister nominee is not expected to pave the way for the constitution of institutions coming out of the June 8 election result. As a result, the political crisis is expected to last at least for another few months.

On the other hand, leaders of LDK, AAK, Incentive and Self Determination have harmonized their positioning even more, as far as the formation of the new government is concerned.

Following the meeting held on Monday evening, the heads of these parties have come out with a joint stance in order to refuse every invitation issued by PDK and the leader of this party for the creation of the new government.

Leader of the Alliance for the Future of Kosovo, Ramush Haradinaj said that talks are under way and the positioning of political parties for the creation of the new government has been unified.

Haradinaj said that opposition parties have agreed that there won’t be a Thaci 3 cabinet. As far as the conditions of Self Determination are concerned, he said that they are in favor of a proper dialogue.

“If we talk about dialogue, Self Determination is in favor of dialogue, but a more quality dialogue than the last one. There’s a great possibility to find common ground. When we talk about privatization, the coalition is in favor of a more quality privatization, because in general, the quality of offers, transparency and bidders have fallen. We can find ways to improve them in the future”, said Haradinaj.

Meanwhile, leader of Self Determination, Albin Kurti has declared that talks for the creation of the new government are seeing progress. According to him, what’s important is that there won’t be a Thaci 3 government.

“We have decided that none of the opposition parties should respond to the invitation of PDK to form a government. We don’t want a government of the old regime. Kosovo needs a new government, which saves the state, fights corruption and gives way to economic development”, said Kurti after the meeting.

As far as the cooperation of Self Determination with three other opposition parties is concerned, Kurti has mentioned the agreement on dialogue and privatization. Kurti said that talks are in their second phase, while these talks will continue in the days to come. /ibna/