Kosovo: Corruption is an obstacle for the development of the country

Kosovo: Corruption is an obstacle for the development of the country

Pristina, 12 July 2016/ Independent Balkan News Agency

By Elton Tota

Corruption and lack of the rule of law continue to be an obstacle for the development of Kosovo.

Representatives of international companies in Kosovo say that corruption continues to make Kosovo a country which is not a good country to invest in.

Dutch ambassador to Kosovo, Gerrie Willems said that Kosovo must demonstrate considerable progress in fighting corruption and organized crime.

“Stabilization and Association Agreement will contribute in improving business environment and the conditions of doing business in Kosovo. This is the right time to boost efforts and commitment to fight these phenomena that damage the economy”, she says.

Shpend Balija, executive director of the European Council of Investors, quotes the recent reports, the progress report and doing business report where Kosovo is ranked last as far as the rule of law and organized crime are concerned.

Under these circumstances, Kosovo cannot expect to have increased foreign investments.

“Foreign investors face a situation where the law exists, but it is not applied. We don’t need to draft a new law every  time we want to amend a certain situation, but we need to use the current laws and see how they are best harmonized or better applied in order for foreign investors to bring their capital, knowledge and opportunities for development and new jobs”, Balija says.

The head of the American Chamber of Commerce in Kosovo, Arian Zeka says that the high perception of corruption deters the biggest businesses in the world from investing in Kosovo.

“The country has been lacking the biggest companies in all of these years of efforts to withdraw direct foreign investments. All other countries are doing more in attracting them and in offering a better justice system for them and that is a model that we must follow”, he says.

Government officials say that last year, Kosovo saw 300 million euros worth of foreign investments, but experts of these developments say that a very small party has been invested in production or services, sectors which offer economic growth for the country. /balkaneu.com/