Kosovo: Corruption is damaging democracy

Kosovo: Corruption is damaging democracy

A report published by the Institute of Kosovo for Justice reveals that the majority of high profile corruption trials have failed.

This is unfolded by a report issued by this institute called “War, persecution or amnesty in the name of the fight against corruption? -Solution/Vetting?”

Betim Musliu of this institute said that it’s the low profile officials who are generally tried for corruption in Kosovo, while cases concerning high profile officials are failing.

“67% of these cases opened in 2016 have failed. Out of 33 high profile officials indicted in 2016, 7 of them have been convicted by the court of first instance, nine of them have been released, one of them has appealed, four of them have been acquitted, while trials are pending for another 12 of them”, Mr. Musliu says.

British ambassador, Ruairi O’Connell said that corruption destroys democracy and prevents economic development. He says that a country where criminals act without being punished for their acts, makes corruption acceptable and jeopardizes the future.

“I’m sorry to say that results are lacking. There is no high profile official jailed for corruption. Lots of noise is done at the beginning and in the end, everyone is either released or receive soft sentences. This year, out of three indictments made against high profile officials, two of them failed. What happened to accountability? This is damaging trust on the institutions of justice”, O’Connell said. /balkaneu.com/