Kosovo wants construction of the railway to Montenegro

Kosovo wants construction of the railway to Montenegro

Podgorica, January 22, 2015/ Independent Balkan News Agency

By Adnan Prekic

During his recent visit to Montenegro, Kosovo Deputy Prime Minister Thaci once again raised the issue of the construction of a railroad that would connect Montenegro with Kosovo. Thaci discussed with Montenegrin officials about the realisation of the project of building the railway from Pljevlja over Berane to Pec. The project, worth 1.2 billion euros, would strengthen both the Montenegrin and Kosovo’s economy. Coal would thus be transported from Pljevlja to Kosovo’s power plants, whereas from the Kosovo railroads will be transported to the port of Bar ferronickel ore, lead and cynics.

Participants of the talks from the Montenegrin Government confirmed that there was discussion with Thaci on the possible ways for the construction of the railway. This project was the subject of talks of two governments two years ago. Thaci said after the visit to Montenegro that the railrway connection is one of the most important projects of the two countries.

The construction of the railway from Pljevlja over Berane to Kosovo would cost at least 1.2 billion euros. Depending on the route, the railroad would be between 110 and 130 kilometers long. In addition to the economic importance, the railroad would have ecological, social and developmental implications.

Montenegro’s interest in the realisation of this project demonstrates the fact that the government has made a study of the preliminary design. Under this project, the railway corridor from Pljevlja to the border with Kosovo is divided into two sections. The first section would be from Pljevlja to Ravna Rijeka, with a length between 59 and 68 kilometers, and depending on the route of the Ravna Rijeka to the border with Kosovo it would be from 51 to 63 kilometers long.

If the existing conceptual design route is accepted, then at least 19 kilometers of tunnels and 6 kilometers of bridges will have to be built. The railroad would be one track and the dominant cargo traffic and speed of trains in mixed traffic will catch up to 100 kilometers per hour.

Montenegrin and Serbia Prime Minister Milo Djukanovic and Aleksandar Vucic when visiting Berlin and meeting with German Chancellor Angela Merkel, proposed the construction of a branch of the railway line from Bijelo Polje-Berane-Pec-Pristina and the reconstruction of the Belgrade-Bar railway.