Kosovo is a condition for Serbia’s EU integration

Kosovo is a condition for Serbia’s EU integration

Pristina, 26 July 2016/Independent Balkan News Agency

By Elton Tota

Serbia’s accession in the European Union can only happen once relations with Kosovo are normalized.

Representatives of the international community and institutions of Kosovo say that any progress by Serbia in its integration in the European family is conditioned by dialogue with Pristina.

German ambassador to Serbia, Axel Dittman says that the principle of good neighboring relations is a key condition for the integration of the countries of the region in the European Union.

“Prior to its accession in the European Union, Kosovo and Serbia must normalize their relations. There are still a number of pending issues that Serbia and Kosovo must address”, German ambassador said.

According to him, Brussels is not interested to import conflicts and disputes from the Balkan region.

Minister for Dialogue at the government of Kosovo, Edita Tahiri says that Serbia cannot become an EU member without recognizing the independence of Kosovo.

But according to her, relations between Kosovo and Serbia cannot be normalized with the Serbian Constitution stating that Kosovo is part of it.

Kosovo and Serbia have entered a process of dialogue for the normalization of relations since 2011 with the EU brokerage and have managed to sign a number of agreements, a part of which are expecting to be implemented.

Minister Tahiri says besides the condition for good neighboring relations, Serbia also has chapter 35 which obliges it to have good neighboring relations.

“In this framework, we have demanded for Serbia to remove from its Constitution the part on Kosovo, because good neighboring relations cannot occur with a controversial constitution. Meanwhile, the process will be crowned through a mutual recognition between the two countries”, she said. /balkaneu.com/