Kosovo condemns the unrest in FYROM

Kosovo condemns the unrest in FYROM

Pristina, 11 May 2015/ Independent Balkan News Agency

By Elton Tota

Government of Kosovo has closely followed the news coming from FYROM regarding the violent incidents in several areas and where victims have been reported.

All state institutions have condemned the threats imposed against order and security by any individual or group with the scope of causing unrest in FYROM.

Foreign Ministry appealed on all sides to restrain from violence and find a solution through political dialogue, in the framework of the institutions of the country and the Ohrid Agrement, which according to them guarantees the integrity of FYROM and the rights of all communities.

Kosovo’s PM, Isa Mustafa said that he was worried about the violence that erupted in Kumanovo.

“I believe that the prevention of violence is in the best interest of all sides and stability in Macedonia and Kosovo is also interested on this”, said Mustafa.

The president of the country, Atifete Jahjaga also appealed for sides to restrain themselves from violence.

“I appeal for all sides to respect the law and restrain from violence. In relation to the incident in question, I am in constant contact with the relevant institutions of the country”, Jahjaga declared.

Meanwhile, speaker of the parliament of Kosovo, Kadri Veseli said that violence is not a solution.

“We believe that the institutions of Macedonia have the will and capacity to address political and ethnic problems with maturity and democratic means”, he declared

Self Determination demands institutional assistance from Kosovo and Albania

Meanwhile, the largest opposition party in Kosovo, Self Determination demanded institutional help from Kosovo and Albania for the Albanians of Kumanovo.

“Tens of thousands of families from Kumanovo have been displaced to Presevo and Skopje. Government of Albania and Kosovo must react against the siege of Albanians in Kumanovo by Gruevski and the threats of Vucic and Serb Ministry of Interior.  Albanians live on the border with Kosovo and Serbia. Governments of Albania and Kosovo didn’t say anything and didn’t do anything about this”, Self Determination said.

Citizens of Kosovo have also reacted on the events in Kumanovo. Revolted against the government, citizens say that what’s happening is a scenario prepared by the government of Nikola Gruevski and Aleksandar Vucic.

They believe that institutions of Kosovo and Albania, and also international institutions, must protect the Albanians in FYROM.

Meanwhile, Kosovo analysts say that this is being done to divert attention from the latest scandals of Nikola Gruevski’s government.

Analysts: Incident in Kumanovo, a result of the political crisis

Analyst and expert of security issues, Avni Islami, says that the materials published by the opposition have led Gruevski to carry out such actions.

“The war in 2001 in Macedonia was a necessity for the position of Albanians there and this led to the Ohrid Agreement, which is not being respected”, he said.

“Zaev’s publications have revealed many acts of blackmail, murder, corruption, etc and as a result of these truths, the government of Macedonia conducts such action in order to divert public opinion from such things”.

Analyst and publicist, Halil Matoshi says that conflict in Kumanovo is a battle of pan-Balkan secret services.

According to him, Gruevski’s government is trying to ignore the opposition by taking such action.

“As soon as Gruevski saw that the opposition united, regardless of ethnicities, he launched this operation and for this, he found partners in Kosovo, Serbia and elsewhere”, Matoshi said. /ibna/