Kosovo: Competition Authority to investigate cases of profiteering

Kosovo: Competition Authority to investigate cases of profiteering

Fears over the spread of coronavirus have caused frustration to Kosovo citizens, who have literally emptied the supermarket shelves in recent days. This has resulted in increases in product prices.

The Kosovo Competition Authority has already launched an investigation on all businesses and pharmaceutical companies with regard to price hikes, following the coronavirus pandemic.

The head of the foundation, Valon Prestreshi, said that the Authority, as an independent body in the performance of its duties, is committed to preventing any breach of competition across the territory of Kosovo.

“As the Kosovo Competition Authority, we have begun investigating complaints”, Prestreshi said in a radio broadcast this morning.

“We will see why the company that sells a product in wholesale or retail has increased the price. There is agreement with the supplier or has asked (the company) from the supplier to increase the price. If investigations prove this, it is against the law”, he said.

According to him, during this phase, the authority will gather details from the market and the competent authorities before a decision is taken to launch the investigation./ibna