Kosovo close to INTERPOL accession

Kosovo close to INTERPOL accession

Authorities in Kosovo are expecting the country to become a member of the biggest police organization in the world, INTERPOL.

INTERPOL’s executive committee has decided to introduce Kosovo’s application to become a member of INTERPOL in the agenda of the General Assembly that will be held in Beijing, China, from 26 to 29 September 2017.

Outgoing deputy minister of Interior, Valdet Hoxha says that this is a great achievement for Kosovo, but this is not enough if there are no positive results.

According to Hoxha, Kosovo’s accession in the INTERPOL would improve Kosovo’s capacities in the fight of all types of crime and would further strengthen the international position of the Republic of Kosovo.

Security expert, Burim Ramadani says that the voting at the General Assembly of INTERPOL is a political voting by the member states. According to him, there must be a diplomatic engagement by Kosovo, mainly through the state partners.

“The fact that Kosovo doesn’t have a government now, may have a negative impact in this situation. I think that Kosovo’s institutional engagement is poor, when we all know the objections of the countries that do not recognize Kosovo”, Ramadani says.  /balkaneu.com/