Kosovo climber conquers the Himalayas

Kosovo climber conquers the Himalayas

Kosovo climber, Uta Ibrahimi is the first female climber who has conquered the peaks of the Himalayas.

She has completed the four week winter expedition in the Himalayas.

The climbing has started in the village of Jagat, 1200 meters above sea level and continued for 7 days, until reaching a height of 4200 meters above sea level.

“Besides improving climbing techniques, this experience has shown what is to be a real climber with high peaks all around, temperatures as low as -20 and danger at any step of the way. Only the Himalayas can offer such experience”, said Uta Ibrahimi.


This expedition is the first stage of the expedition called “Albanian Women in the Himalayas”, which aims at conquering several other peaks in the Himalayas in the next two years and the development and promotion of Albanian climbing. /balkaneu.com/