Kosovo: Children who beg are victims of criminal groups

Kosovo: Children who beg are victims of criminal groups

In Kosovo, the percentage of children from the age of five to the age of 17 who work is 10.7%, while 6.8% of them work in dangerous conditions.

The main reason that children beg relates to the miserable economic and social situation.

A part of the children are forced by their parents to beg on the streets, but there are cases when criminal individuals or groups are behind these children, in an effort to exploit them.

This is a very worrying and growing phenomenon in Kosovo, as children’s place is not on the streets, but at school. This is declared by the Coalition for the Protection of Children in Kosovo (KOMF).

Donjeta Kelmendi, head of KOMF says that according to the Kosovo Agency of Statistics, the percentage of children aged 5-17 who work is 10.7%, while 6.8% of children work in dangerous conditions.

Kelmendi said that the majority of children who are involved in hard work, are obliged to behave like grownups, unable to enjoy their rights as children.

KOMF says that there’s still no sufficient institutional will to protect children from hard work.

On the other hand, Kosovo police spokesman, Daut Hoxha says that at any time, children can be victims of their involvement in different crimes and victims of trafficking with the aim of begging and other purposes.

“Police of Kosovo has constantly held awareness campaigns and delivered speeches in schools on the negative phenomena in society and the consequences of these phenomena, especially for children”, he says. /balkaneu.com/