Kosovo: Children in the election campaign

Kosovo: Children in the election campaign

A large number of children has been noticed  participating in the political rallies that parties are holding as part of the June 11 election campaign in Kosovo.

Representatives of political parties are also using them to distribute brochures and political programs in schools during school hours.

The head of the Kosovo Parents’ Committee, Bajram Beqiri demands from political leaders not to allow children to be abused with in this electoral campaign.

In some cases we have often been notified that children are being used to distribute posters belonging to different candidates. Also, a large number of children are also noticed in rallies held in different parts of the country. I call on political parties not to use children”, he said.

Similar messages have also been launched by Democracy in Action organization, which is monitoring the electoral campaign with a significant number of observers throughout the country.

According to this organization, children have been present in 72 electoral activities.

“In total, the number of children participating in activities held during four days of electoral campaign was 1284. We have noticed children holding propaganda materials belonging to parties which are running in these elections”, the reaction of this organization states.

Minister of Education, Schience and Technology, Arsim Bajrami, called on all political parties not to use teenagers and children under the age of 18.

He launched this appeal following the signature of a memorandum with the head of the Central Election Commission (CEC), Valdete Daka, concerning school premises that will be used during the electoral campaign and on election day.