Kosovo businesses that make political donations

Kosovo businesses that make political donations

According to representatives of civil society, businesses in Kosovo also hold some sort of campaign for the elections, which is expressed through financial donations for political parties.

They say that businesses are rewarded for these donations after the elections through tenders.

Representatives of civil society say that in the recent years, electoral expenses have been enormous.

Besides expenses for marketing, a significant part of these funds is also spent for concerts, banners, flags, uniforms and things like this.

But given that the expenses are so high, according to political analysts, the fact that there’s a lack of transparency is a bigger cause for concern.

The head of the Kosovo Business Alliance, Agim Shahini, says that after the elections, the donations are paid back through tenders.

According to him, there are cases when companies have funded the political campaign, but they haven’t benefited anything, because the party has not won the elections.

“Even in this campaign, businesses will make their donations, although political parties receive 30 thousand euros for each seat that they have in Parliament. They also receive other funds from institutions for the campaign, but they are never enough”, Shahini said.

Albert Krasniqi from the Kosovo Democratic Institute says that the amount that political parties should spend, according to the law, is 950 thousand euros.

“Political parties cannot spend more than 0.5 cent per registered voter. Even in these elections, this restriction applies and a political party cannot spend more than 950 thousand euros during the election campaign”, Krasniqi says.

But, according to him, this amount is much greater, as political parties find other means of financing through private companies. This form of funding can never be tracked or sanctioned. /balkaneu.com/