Kosovo businesses can be competitive in the European market

Kosovo businesses can be competitive in the European market

Pristina, 4 February 2016/Independent Balkan News Agency

By Elton Tota

Prime Minister of Kosovo, Isa Mustafa participated today in the inauguration of the “Producers’ Club” in Pristina. In his speech in front of domestic producers, Mustafa said that Kosovo has excellent businesses which can be very competitive in the European market.

“The establishment of this producers’ club is also a symbolic act of the eighth anniversary of the Independence of the Republic of Kosovo, because I believe that the best way to mark our independence is through the strengthening of production and strengthening of our economy”, Mustafa said.

Mustafa said that the government has worked in order to carry out reforms to boost private sector. The head of the government said that the trade balance must change and that the country should export more than it imports.

Mustafa also said that the advantages of the Stabilization and Association Agreement must be exploited, in order for Kosovo’s producers to be more competitive in the European market, given that this is their right now.

According to him, businesses in Kosovo must get ready to be competitive in order to participate in a 500 million consumers market, mainly through the production sector.

Meanwhile, the head of the Kosovo Producers’ Club, Visar Kelmendi said that this club aims at changing the business climate in the country.

“The scope of this club is to influence government institutions to change the business climate and change the legal infrastructure for an entirely different approach”, he said.

The Producers’ Club consists of nine companies which employ 15 thousand people, have 23 plants and over 50 brands. During this inauguration it was said that the club wants to create and strengthen its partnership with the institutions of Kosovo. /ibna/