Kosovo businesses and households in debt

Kosovo businesses and households in debt

Commercial banks operating in Kosovo have different offers on loans. The offers include consumer loans, mortgage loans, university loans, business loans and many other types of loans.

2.2 billion euros is the total amount that banks in Kosovo have issued, out of which 1.4 billion have been issued for businesses, while 800 million euros have been issued for households.

According to the recent data supplied by the Central Bank in Kosovo, the average interest rate that banks apply on loans is 8.5%.

Meanwhile, representatives of the Association of the Banks of Kosovo say that the reduction of interest rates on loans has made people and businesses more eager to address banks.

Executive director of the Association of the Banks of Kosovo, Petrit Balija said that last year, crediting in Kosovo rose by 10% and this marks the biggest increase in the past three years.

According to him, it would be more reasonable for businesses to obtain loans rather than individuals. However, we hope that this is a signal of economic optimism”, Baloja said.

On the other hand, experts of financial affairs say that people must be more careful with the reasons they decide to obtain a loan.

Naim Gashi, financial expert, says that loans must be obtained for investments and not consumption, as according to him, consumption loans may increase poverty by pushing families to financial difficulties.

“Unfortunately, many people obtain consumption loans, for holidays and for other things and they do not obtain investment loans. Also, a part of the businesses obtain loans for the purchase of cars, improvement of offices and do not obtain loans to make their labor force more professional, to expand production lines and to advance the services that they offer to their customers”, Gashi says. /balkaneu.com/