Kosovo: Business environment is improving

Kosovo: Business environment is improving

Pristina, 15 July 2016/Independent Balkan News Agency

By Elton Tota

Kosovo’s Chamber of Commerce has presented the “Monitoring Business in Kosovo” report for the second quarter of 2016.

According to this report, 30% of businesses responded that the business environment is positive.

“The situation seems better compared to the same quarter last year. Tendency to create new jobs remains positive”, the results of the poll where 400 businesses participated indicates.

Minister of Commerce and Industry, Hikmete Bajrami says that it is a good thing that the indicators that were presented were positive.

According to her, the business environment doesn’t only depend on her ministry, but many ministries.

“Business environment cannot be the responsibility of only one ministry. Out of ten indicators that the World Bank measures, we’re responsible for only two of them. In this six month period compared to the previous six months, the number of registered businesses has gone up by 10%. What’s important is that the structure of businesses has changed completely and the number of limited liability companies has gone up”, Bajrami says.

Experts of economic affairs told IBNA that business environment in Kosovo still remains unsuitable and challenging.

Analyst Shkelzen Dakaj told IBNA that the government must focus on eliminating barriers which pose problems for businesses.

“The problem with power supply must be addressed as soon as possible. The second priority is infrastructure, water supply, the treatment of sewages, while another important priority is the implementation of the rule of law and prevention of corruption and nepotism”, Dakaj says.

However, he praises the policies of the current government for the development of the economy.

“The economy has its own place in its intensive political agenda. PM Isa Musatafa and the heads of other institutions have launched constructive debates with businesses. There’s also greater attention in listening the demands that businesses make”, Dakaj says.

The head of the Kosovo Business Alliance, Agim Shahini, says that corruption and organized crime are the main barriers that businesses encounter.

“Problems are of different natures, starting with corruption, organized crime and legal infrastructure which doesn’t favor domestic production, but imports”, he says. /balkaneu.com/