Kosovo is awaiting the new thermal power plant

Kosovo is awaiting the new thermal power plant

The postponement of the construction of the new thermal power plant “New Kosovo”, a project which has started over a decade ago, continues to keep “Kosovo A” thermal power plant in use, although this plant has been considered as the biggest environment polluter.

Due to its age and inability to reduce pollution levels, the thermal power plant was scheduled to be shut down at the end of this year.

This was the pledge of the government of Kosovo in the Secretariat of the Energy Community in Vienna in the framework of the implementation of EU standards in gas emission.

“Kosova A” thermal power plant consists of five blocks. The first block, A-1 was made functional in 1962, while block a-5 in 1975. As a result of the age, two blocks are out of use.

But, in spite of this, this power plant supplies 35% of consumers.

Competent institutions in Pristina have not been able to answer as to when the construction of “New Kosovo” thermal power plant will start, however, government officials had said that this project would start until the end of 2016.

The company which was selected for the construction of this power plant is Contour Global, a US company.

Meanwhile, environmental experts say that the thermal power plants that Kosovo has are very old and they are also the biggest polluters.

Agron Bektashi from Environmental Regional Agency says that thermal power plant “Kosovo A” has an impact in the environmental pollution. /balkaneu.com/