Kosovo approves the border agreement with Montenegro

Kosovo approves the border agreement with Montenegro

Pristina, 5 August 2015/Independent Balkan News Agency

By Elton Tota

Kosovo’s government has approved the border agreement between Kosovo and Montenegro.

The Prime Minister of Kosovo, Isa Mustafa said that with this agreement, Kosovo is establishing good neighboring relations with neighboring countries.

“I believe that the incentive for the signing of the agreement with Montenegro is very important for our development, because this marks an important phase for the state of Kosovo” Mustafa said.

Meanwhile, Kosovo’s Foreign Minister, Hashim Thaci said that Kosovo is working to finalize demarcation with Montenegro.

“Kosovo is intensively working in order to finalize this issue as an international standard”, Thaci added.

Border demarcation with Montenegro has prompted debates between political sides in Kosovo and reactions by residents near these border areas.

Residents on the border area say that they demand from the parliament of Kosovo to take immediate measure in order for authorities in Montenegro not to make border divisions as they please. They say that it’s been 15 years that Montenegrin police doesn’t allow them to work their land.

Meanwhile, opposition parties in Kosovo say that Kosovo is risking losing a part of its territory during the demarcation of border with Montenegro.

Kosovo has finalized the process of demarcation with Albania without any problems, while this process was finalized with FYROM in October 2009 amid many debates.

But the issue of demarcation is not completed with Montenegro. Serbia doesn’t recognize the independence of the new state and as a result, neither its borders. /ibna/