Kosovo announces the creation of the Ministry of Defence and Armed Forces

Kosovo announces the creation of the Ministry of Defence and Armed Forces

Pristina, March 4, 2014/Independent Balkan News Agency

By Elton Tota

Government of Kosovo has decided to fulfill the promise announced a few weeks ago to create the Ministry of Defense.

Yesterday’s meeting (photo) of Kosovo’s Security Council, chaired by prime minister Hashim Thaci decided for the Ministry of Security Forces of Kosovo to turn into the Ministry of Defence of Kosovo.

There has also been a decision for Kosovo’s Security Forces to turn into Armed Forces of Kosovo and as a result, to change the mission, tasks, structure and size.

The decisions followed the discussions of the Council on the two year process of the Strategic Review of Kosovo’s Security Sector.

Speaking with the members of the Security Council of Kosovo, PM Hashim Thaci said that the decisions are based on the conclusions of the process of Strategic Review of Kosovo’s Security Sector.

Mr. Thaci said that there’s been a long study of all aspects of security, in order to identify the real needs of the country and of the citizens of Kosovo, in order to create a more efficient and coordinated sector which will face the needs of Kosovo’s security structures and secure peace and stability in Kosovo and the region.

The prime minister insisted that these decisions have been taken with transparency: “This is a comprehensive and transparent project, implemented with a significant investment and through the sources of our institutions and international partners”.

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