Kosovo and FYROM aim at becoming NATO members

Kosovo and FYROM aim at becoming NATO members

Kosovo Security Force minister, Rrustem Berisha said today that Kosovo’s Security Force aims at becoming part of NATO.

“As a ministry, our objective is to be integrated in the NATO. In terms of regional cooperation, we are interested to advance cooperation with countries who are part of NATO and those who aspire. I’m convinced that the cooperation that we have will strengthen even further”, Berisha said.

Berisha made this declaration during the meeting that he had today with FYROM’s Defence minister, Radmila Sekerinska.

On her part, Sekerinska said that the two governments are determined for better relations.

“I expect the two countries to sign a cooperation plan in 2018. The new government of Macedonia has made NATO accession a top priority. As far as Kosovo’s NATO integration is concerned, we support the positioning of the international community”, Sekerinska said. /balkaneu.com/